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Dalian Jiasiman Metal Products Co., Ltd. (formerly Dalian Songyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.) was established in April 2004. It is a domestic enterprise engaged in mold processing and stamping parts processing, and is a domestic mold processing manufacturer and stamping parts processing manufacturer.


⯁ Our Mission

Helping customers explore new spaces with new perspectives and thinking, achieving continuous growth in value and performance, and becoming a highly respected strategic partner for customers is our eternal pursuit

 Our Vision

The company hopes to become a high-quality metal product manufacturing company in the future and become a conscientious after-sales service center for metal product manufacturing.



Products Center

Products Center

News Information

News Information

Informatization will become the only way for small and medium

The Group believes that in the era of economic globalization, informatization will become the only way for SMEs to enhance their competitiveness, and e -commerce will become a key path for enterprises to realize informatization. Therefore, the Group will continue to focus on promoting the e -commerce and informatization process of small and medium -sized enterprises in China, continuously innovate, and continuously launch more and better services to create smart Chinese companies and achieve smart entrepreneurs!

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Contact person: Mr. Sheng

Mobile phone: 15542566888

Tel: +86-0411-87570868

Fax: +86-0411-87570878


Postal code: 116620

Address: 1F 5-3 Dadi Street,Pilot Free Trade Zone,Development Zone,Dalian,Liaoning.China.

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